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Új strapabíró és esztétikus közületi SPC vinil padló – PlankIT SPC Click
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PlankIT SPC Click strapabíró és esztétikus közületi SPC vinil padló. hir



A PlankIT SPC Click padló a merev magnak (Stone Polymer Composite= Ásványi Polimer Kompozit) és a megnövelt műszaki tartalomnak köszönhetően kiemelkedően tartós és stabil burkolat.

A PlankIT SPC Click padlóburkolat irodai-, szállodai-, oktatótermi felhesználásra valamint üzlethelyiségek esztétikus burkolására ajánljuk. A hat különböző színárnyalat igény esetén izgalmas színjátékkal fektethető le.

Gyorsan, könnyen használható, költséghatékony és meglévő burkolatra is fektethető. 





Silver Knight eliminates even the 99.99% of viruses

SilverKnight 99,9Graboplast's unique surface, SilverKnight, is highly effective not only against the most resistant bacteria but also against viruses which is certified by our latest independent laboratory test (TCNA Product Performance Testing Laboratory).

HEPA Magyar Exportfejlesztési Ügynökség NZrt. EXP2020 Külpiacra jutási támogatását nyerte el a Graboplast
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HEPA tamogatasA Külgazdasági és Külügyminisztérium és a HEPA Magyar Exportfejlesztési Ügynökség Nonprofit Zrt. EXP2020 Külpiacra jutási támogatását nyerte el a Graboplast Padlógyártó Zrt.

SpringAir Elite case study, Hungary

case study Football Academy SpringAir EliteOur case study is available here.

Evolution at show floorings - Our new product, the Plié

Graboplast Plie karacsonyEvolution!
We introduce the further developed version of the greatly successful Grabolett ballet floor.

New generation of flooring - New product range - Beauty and cheer in the office

stollen ENThe new generation of floor coverings, the SPC flooring enters the office segment Spring 2021 in Graboplast!

StrongAir Elite case study, Hungary

case study Volleyball Academy StrongAir EliteThe new sports hall of the volleyball academy of Békéscsaba was handed over in 2020. The construction was recorded from the beginning, based on which a short film was made. The project unique also in Europe has been closed. The facility has been taken over by the players of the club for use. The development of the infrastructure promotes the achievement of the objectives as well as the continuous top-quality international level provided by the espoir players.

X-PUR surface treatment for the fearless games

x pur hirThis year, we presented our new development, the X-PUR surface treatment. Using the X-PUR, our sports floorings made with new compositions surprised the sports world, as we could achieve a unique value by means of the shock absorption achieved with our EXTREME, MEGA, SUPREME and ELITE floors.

New designs of our Grabo Fortis

Graboplast Fortis WildIn December, we want to share news envisaging the developments and innovations we intend to present in the first months of 2021.

Our Grabo FORTIS product family can boast consolidated designs easy to fit into the interior, and belongs to the highest wear-resistance class (group T) due to its composition. Thereby it can be definitely used also for the flooring of crowded communal places.

Due to its excellent properties, it is the most favourable homogeneous flooring included in our offer.


Advent Calendar from Grabo - Hungarian Innovation Prestige Award

Innovacios Presztizs dij GraboplastIt has been a great honour for our company to win the Hungarian regional Innovation Prestige Award in the recent days.

We think that this recognition is due not only to the Silver Knight product manufactured with a patented process, which destroys microorganisms reaching its surface within a short time without using antibiotics, including the most resistant so-called super bacteria liable for the majority of nosocomial infections.

In our opinion, the awarding persons also considered how quickly Graboplast reacted to the first wave of the pandemic, and developed products, including among others the wall covering with Silver Knight surface.


Our new public brochures

commercial news 2020Our new public brochures are available at the bottom of our product pages in PDF.

Case study November 2020 - Grabo PlankIT

case study cutler fitness center graboplast plankitOur new LVT case study is now available, in which we present the interior of a fitness center and our Grabo PlankIT product advantages!

Marketing news – NEW MEGA vinyl sportsfloor

Mega features marketing news ENDo you think is it possible to reach 45 % force reduction with a single sports floor?

Check out our marketing news about the new MEGA!


Marketing News – EXTREME

Extreme news nyito The first 8 mm P2 sports floor with 40% force reduction!


New colors of Grabo Polis

polis new colors 2We are pleased to offer our customers the new colors of our Grabo Polis homogeneous floor covering for creating even more exciting interiors.

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