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Graboplast Nuestra empresa Fraud warning
Fraud warning

Dear Partner!

GRABOPLAST Ltd. (The “Company”) hereby draws your attention to the fact that the name of GRABOPLAST may be misused by unauthorized third parties on behalf of our employees to send e-mails and fake invoices as attachments to our partners. In order to ensure the security of your data and to prevent financial fraud and other misuse, please pay close attention to the following:

1. The Company only writes to its partners from an email address ending in "@graboplast.hu".

2. An unusual format, address, that is different from the messages or emails normally sent by the Company, may indicate a phishing or fraud-intentioned message or email.

3. In all cases, the Company informs its partners about changes in the Company's bank accounts officially, on the Company's website (www.graboplast.com) and by e-mail. Always check that the bank account number on the received account is the same as the known bank account numbers of the Company.


The Company's currently valid, authentic bank account numbers are available on the Imprint page of https://www.graboplast.com/en/Other-publications/impresszum.html

We strongly draw your attention to the fact that if you receive an invoice from our Company, you should initiate a financial transaction for the Company only with extreme caution, and to the known bank account numbers of the Company. Always check that the email came from the Company's official email address ending in "@graboplast.hu". In case of suspicion of misuse or fraud, please contact the Company's administrator immediately by telephone, who will provide the necessary information orally.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Company has taken the necessary internal security measures to avoid fraud and misuse. The Company shall not be liable for the consequences of any incorrect money transfer or for any damage resulting from the misuse of its name, markings and logos.


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