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Innovation, Research and Development

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We use environmentally compatible raw materials in the manufacturing processes.

  • We do not use any harmful components wich are dangerous for human life.
  • We have started to use the non-phthalate plasticizers in the ecological formula compositions
  • We increase continuously the rate of non-phthalate plasticizers.
  • We use heavy metal free stabilizators in the coating pastes.
  • The raw materials do not contain formaldehydes
  • The components used in the compositions guarantee the low VOC (volatile organic
    components) emission value of our floorings.
  • We fulfil the requirements of the European REACH (Registration, Evaluation,
    Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation.
  • Our main suppliers have also commitment to sustainable development.

Innovation, Research and Development

We have our own R+D department where the engineers and technicians design floorings which satisfy the demands of the end-users.

  • The floor coverings created by R+D department fulfil the requirements of the special standards, as well.
  • One of the key-points of our market success is our ability to innovate.
  • All production technologies based on our own knowledge and long-term experiences ensure excellent performances coupled with favourable pricing for the value.
  • The tailor-made colours and patterns strengthen the market position of our customers.

Production processes

Our production technologies and processes meet the requirements of the important environmental standards.

  • We never use either organic solvents or heavy metals for the production.
  • The printing inks are water-based composition systems.
  • Generally we can declare that our production is organic solvent free.
  • We make efforts to reduce the energy and water consumption and to minimize the waste of the production.
  • In our grinding plant we recycle in-process residues which thus becomes recycable, thereby replacing virgin raw material.
  • We make efforts to improve the recycled content in our products.

Our products

In general our products have some key features, as follows:

  • Safe
  • Hygenic
  • User friendly

SAFE: resistance to slip in dry and in wet cicumstances, fire resistance,
impact sound absorbtion ,resistance to chemicals.
HYGENIC: bacteria-and fungi resistant, bacteria eliminating, easy to clean, low VOC
USER FRIENDLY: easy to install, 100% recyclable, meet the requirements of end users,
low maintenance.

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