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Quality management

Graboplast Ltd. is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and is audited regularly. 

  • Cost-efficient manufacture, competitiveness and high-standard customer service are the keys to the quality in the operation of Graboplast Ltd.

  • The company management considers quality one of the major tasks in order to the quality - oriented attitude will be followed in management method and way of thinking.

  • The quality policy is intended to solve quality affecting problems, to disclose quality
    deteriorating factors, to improve and develop quality.

  • Graboplast Ltd has established and operates a documented system which is in
    compliance with its quality and environment policy objectives.



The quality and environment management system of Graboplast Ltd. is based on the use of the following main standards: EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.





  • The integrated management system covers all quality and environment related activities of Graboplast Ltd, i.e.:
    • design, appointment for development, technological development,
    • purchase, handling of third party goods, preparation for production,
    • production, quality control (in-process and final control), storage, delivery,
    • technical supervision, training, marketing activity, quotations, signing of contracts and distribution, activities relating to buyers and persons concerned, and system supervision for a continuous development.


Dear Customer,

Our QA and QC team is constantly working to improve the quality of our products.

If even so, you encounter a qualitatively inadequate product, please fill in and send the application form to your contact at our customer service. Thank you for your cooperation.

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