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Our company manufactures heterogeneous vinyl floor coverings in rolls constituted by different layers. These layers provide beneficial properties for the floor covering which offers thereby a higher use value. The wear layer of the heterogeneous vinyl floor covers is made from clear transparent PVC without using fillers, offering a maximum resistance to wear. The glass fibre reinforcement between the layers guarantees excellent dimensional stability. The free patterns and easy installation are additional benefits.

The graboVoyage floors offer the most favourable solutions to municipal, intercity and tourist buses.
The graboOrient floor covers have been developed for extreme use to meet the requirements of transport industry,  it is the best choice for the railway sectors.
Highlighted features of grabo Voyage and Orient products:
  • They have anti-slip property, thereby accidents from slippage of passengers can be avoided.
  • They have extreme flame-resistance and low toxicity.
  • The grabo Voyage and Orient products can be used to create safety marks to call the attention of the passengers to potential dangers e.g. stair edge etc.
  • They are safe also for the operator since the water-impermeable floor covering protects the substructure.
  • They are highly resistant to wear, and are able to keep their essential surface properties such as anti-slippage and original design for a long period.
  • They are highly resistant to fatigue stresses arising during normal operation of the vehicle.
  • They can be kept clean by regularly cleaning them with simple tools thereby their original beauty can be easily maintained.
Easy to process
  • Our products can be quickly and easily installed due to their flexibility. Thereby the curves, places difficult to cover and folding on the wall can be easily carried out.
  • The grabo Voyage and Orient products are light weight despite their very good durability. An additional advantage of the light weight is that the total weight of the vehicle and thereby its energy demand and environmental load can be reduced.
  • The grabo Voyage and Orient products with “Flexyback” non-woven back side provide excellent bonding to the subflor. In addition, sharp angles and breaking points are easier to cover.
Tailor made
  • In the wide assortment of grabo Voyage and Orient, the product thickness starts from 2.0 mm.
  • Rich assortment of designs.
  • Our products packed in rolls are offered in two standard widths.
  • Welding cords in matching colours and of different profiles are offered.
  • We undertake also making logos and superscriptions.
  • We offer also floor covering elements cut to size.

The grabo Voyage and Orient floors are manufactured by a more than 110 year old company specialised in various floors and producing floor coverings for the public transport for more than 50 years.
Our commitment to the quality and to the environment is proved by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.
Our products are tested for their quality in independent institutions.
The works of our partners are supported by transferring our several decades' experiences, technical and application technical knowledge.


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