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Graboplast Hírek Evolution at show floorings - Our new product, the Plié
Evolution at show floorings - Our new product, the Plié

Graboplast Plie karacsonyEvolution!
We introduce the further developed version of the greatly successful Grabolett ballet floor.

We designed the Plié for the extreme pressure of stage group choreographies. Its increased thickness protects the dancers more thoroughly from the hard flooring when they hit it, thus this covering is ideal for dances that are full of foot strokes and jumps. Its special surface design allows for precision movements without the danger of slipping.

With its two-sided design the Plié provides a compact solution for practice as well as performances. As a result of its light weight and flexibility, it is simple to roll it in and out when switching sides and in the course of performance tours.

Thanks to the fiberglass reinforcement it has excellent size retention properties. The solid structure does not absorb sound, thus providing sufficient rhythm control to the dancers.

It can be applied as permanent or temporary covering. It is an ideal covering for studios, stages and performance tours.

With this amazing development we have also brought the recipe of a wonderful drink! We hope that drinking it will promote your mood for dance.

Egg liquor


4 egg yolks
400 ml cream for whipping
100 ml milk
1 package of vanilla sugar
3 tablespoonful’s of sugar
1 teaspoonful’s of ground cinnamon
350 ml white rum


Mix the cream, the milk, the egg yolks, the vanilla sugar and the cinnamon together. After this, thicken it in a metal bowl while stirring it continuously over water steam.

When it has thickened, let it cool down a little, and add the rum to it. In a refrigerator it may be stored for as long as 2 weeks, even though it will certainly be consumed sooner. Of course, enjoy it responsibly and don’t get into trouble!

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year for everyone!

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