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The Efficiency of Graboplast Has Significantly Improved

In 2012, Graboplast Zrt. closed a successful year. This can be established from the Company's performance figures relating to the last year. The Company’s income increased slightly, by one or two percents, against 2011: the growth seemed to be larger in the first half of the year, while the figures were set back by the recession experienced in Hungary and Europe in the second half, mainly in the last quarter. Nevertheless, the profit was one milliard, the result before taxation was nearly 900 million forints last year, i.e. it almost doubled against the previous year. According to Péter Jancsó, this is explained by the fact that the reorganisations implemented one year earlier and involving the three factories and the administrative area resulted in an improvement by almost 300 million forints. 


Last year, the special products constituted more than half of the turnover of Graboplast. The factory in Tatabánya – mostly affected by the crisis of 2008 – reached a growth by seven percent, and one fifth of the production were special floors. The factory in Győr suffered a set-back, mainly due to the fact that they did not receive the orders from the vehicle industry in the second half of the year (which have been received since then). Based on the reduction of sales of traditional parquets and the significant growth of that of sport parquets, Kecskemét could reach a slight increase. 

The introduction of new products was also successful. These include the acoustic floors – which needed also investments – and the 22 millimetre parquet. This latter is built in upper levels of houses in the Scandinavian countries where due to cost efficiency reasons no ceiling is built and the parquet itself bears the weight. The previously developed bacterium eliminating Silver Knight floor could be sold to many hospitals and health institutions (for eight to ten hospital developments in Hungary, including the new wing of Petz in Győr). The Company has installed a fixed set at its greatest U.S. buyer to be able to deliver a full set to a hospital in a few days.
“In 2013, we expect that the first half of the year will not be as strong as that in the last year, however, the second half may be stronger. With the growth of the turnover by seven to ten percent, a profit about one milliard forints and a result before taxation around 600 million forints are expected. The growth is supported by the fact that in our opinion the economic policy based only on austerity measures will not be sustainable in Europe, and due to this the investments may increase. In addition, we shall sell more new products than last year. The result is improved also by the fact that we have created a warehouse not far from Moscow in Russia, and filled it up with goods in March. Due to this we shall be able to serve our buyers there much more quickly”.


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