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Projected Investments of Milliards

A mill, and then a luxury PVC floor factory can start operating in Tatabánya


The mill of Graboplast Zrt. constructed with an investment of nearly 1 milliard forints started its trial operation in Tatabánya a few weeks ago. Wastes from the greatest Hungarian floor manufacturer will be recycled in the plant.

- The establishment of the mill in Tatabánya is reasoned by environmental and cost-efficiency aspects, since the storage of biologically non-degradable materials involves more and more problems and costs. Therefore the production can be made more cost-efficient by recycling the PVC wastes generated during floor production - explains Péter Jancsó.
The wastes – floor edges – are recycled by the Hungarian giant floor company with an own patented technology. The PVC pieces are milled on special units imported from Germany. Afterwards the obtained powder like mill product is injected into the still plastic material of the artificial floor with a so-called powder-spraying method.
According to the preliminary calculations, the plant in Tatabánya will use the nearly 1000 tons of wastes generated during the production of Graboplast already this summer.
The CEO thinks that due to the capacity increase they will be able to use the wastes of other manufacturers from the second half of the year, and therefore they have contacted companies engaged in the same line and manufacturing the primary basic material.

The floor factory continues expanding

Though the investment of nearly one milliard forints will give a new impetus to the economic life of Tatabánya, Graboplast plans to implement additional large-scale developments. As regards the investment not detailed for the time being due to business considerations, Péter Jancsó disclosed only that the manufacture of a new product could start in Tatabánya as a result of an investment larger by magnitudes – amounting to 5 to 6 milliard forints. This site already manufactures so-called Luxury Vinil Tile design artificial floors of top quality with the use of secondary raw materials at a rate of 50 to 70%.
The development considered prominent in the country could be implemented from own resources, from EU supports and possibly from significant state supports. According to the plans, the company exporting 90% of its products may start operating in 2014, and will provide earnings for additional 60 to 80 employees at the county seat and in its attraction zone. Surely, this is why the Local Government of Tatabánya has already promised the management of Graboplast to give maximum support.



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