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Graboplast Floor in the Hungarian State Opera House
Tuesday, 07 August 2012 14:51

Graboplast Zrt. closed a successful semi-year, and its floors are world famous. Compared to the last year, the Company increased its sales by 6 percent, based on the latest release of the Company.
Ádám Tanos, PR and communications assistant of Graboplast told: “the Company has reached an excellent performance in the sales of vehicle floors and more than 14 thousand buses uses the products of the Company of Győr in the world. If the vehicles are set in a line the chain would extend from Győr to Budapest.
In addition, the sales of sport floors into 700 sport halls are also remarkable, where 90 thousand sportsmen could pursue sports this year around the world. The show-floor of Graboplast became a real success product in 2012, since more than two thousand theatres could be covered with this product of the Company seated in Győr.
On the Hungarian market, the products of Graboplast were delivered, among others, for the renovation of the Hungarian State Opera House and several health institutions, or for the covering of the Knowledge Centre of Pécs – said the communication assistant of the Company.
In addition to these results, the Company implemented a general reorganisation and an efficiency increase in the first half of the year. Due to this, their result exceed half milliard forints. The prospects of the second half of the year are favourable on both the Hungarian and the EU markets. Graboplast will launch a significant waste recycling investment in the near future.

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