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Graboplast Commercial flooring Accessories

In addition to the floors, the offer of Graboplast includes products developed for dance, fitness or yoga, as well as assesories which are indispensable for professional covers meeting all demands.


GraboProfil Hard-Foam Skirting & GraboProfil Design Skirting

Hygienic and harmonious floor covering edging.


GraboRex underlay floorings

Dampproof vinyl sheet underlay floors. They reduce the technological time of installation in case of fresh moist subfloor. Moreover GraboRex 40 has excellent acoustic property.

Main applications:

  • on wet cement / concrete subfloor between 2-5 CM%
  • on old subfloors not having effective moist protection
  • in case of temporary new floor installations on existing floor surfaces


Welding cords that match the colours of the floors.

Using the hot welding procedure, a perfect watertight layer is made on the floor surface which will not transfer water during cleaning or maintenance.


grabo SIG

Sound insulating vinyl sheet underlay flooring under vinyl sheet floorings and LVT.



Various profiles are recommended for our floor coverings.

Profiles are available directly from Profilplast Ltd.

For detailed information visit the website of Profilplast Ltd.:


Profilplast (PDF)

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