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Grabo Color sports game line paint

Grabo Color sports game line paint is a two-component polyurethane paint. It provides well adhering and wear resistant, high gloss surface on Grabo PVC sportsfloors and Grabo wooden sports parquet as well.


Preparation of the sports floor surface

The floor surface must be clean, dry, free from textile wastes, fats, oils, wax and water.
Mark off the game lines in accordance with the architectural drawing.
Press the masking tape deeply ont he surface of sportsfloor with a rubber roller to avoid entry of the paint.

Recommended masking tapes:

  • Tesa Universal painting band
  • Scapa painting band
  • Schuller painting band
  • 3M 233+

Wipe the market off bands with a soft, lint-free cloth impregnated with the thinner. Apply the first layer of the paint within 1 hour after wiping with the thinner.

Available colors:
yellow, red, blue, white, black

Components of the paint:

  • Component A contains polyurethane based, light-and weather-resistant pigments and other additives.
  • Component B is an aliphatic polyisocyanate solution.
  • Thinner

Specific consumption: about 4 m2/litre depending on the method of application.

Application equipment: Bristle brush or foam brush.


The thinner is suitable for cleaning the tools and surface of the flooring .
Do not dilute component A and B with the thinner.

Guaranteed shelf-life

component A: 1 year from the date of manufacturing if stored in original unopened containers in accordance with Standard MSZ 13910
componens B: 6 months from the date of manufacturing if stored in original unopened containers in accordance with Standard MSZ 13910

Paint application

Terms of application
Temperature:between +15 and +25C°
Temperature above or below recommended will decrease or increase the drying time.
Surface must be completely dry!
Relative humidity: max.65%
Surface: dry, free from water and damp.

Mixing ratio of the components A and B


3:1(A:B) volume part --red,blue, white, black
5:1(A:B) volume part --yellow


Mix components A and B to a homogeneous state in a ratio given in the paint’s instructions. Use the paint within max.4 hours from mixing at 20C°. This period decrease in line with the increase of the temperature. Application with a brush, in 2-3 layers. After each layer wait until drying, then paint the next layer. After the last layer ’s drying treat the surface with heat, use heat blowing tool or infrared lamp to crosslink the paint well.
1 litre of paint is needed to the duplex painting of a 100 meters long and 5 cm board streak.
Remove the masking tape when the paint is dry. It is difficult to remove the band if the paint is fully hardened and rough, curved lines are left.


Do not step on it for min.24 hours after application!
Do not scrub the floor at least 30 days after the application!


Recommended color and consumption

SportLenght of game line (m)Paint consumption (l)Recomm. color
Badminton 110 1 white
Volleyball 80 1 white/ blue /red
Indoor hockey 180 2 white/ blue
Netball 150 2 red
Basketball 210 3 black/ dark blue
Handball 230 3 yellow/ white
Tennis 150 2 white/ red/ yellow
Indoor football 210 3 yellow
Floorball 60 1 white
























Width of gameline: 5 cm


A unit of packaging contains the followings:

1 can component A (GrabocolorA)---black, white, blue, red: 3litres, yellow: 5 litres
1 can component B (GrabocolorB)---1 litre
1 can thinner---1 litre
Stirring pot (2 litres)

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