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Perfect sport experience with maximum join protection.


Our combined elastic system consist of two parts:

  • 39 mm thick area elastic underlay system
  • 8 mm thick pointelastic sport PVC floor


Combiflex with total 47 mm thickness is perfectly combines the of the area and point elastic systems comfort and safety benefits.


Outstanding C3 shock absorption value, Combiflex is effectively protect the athletes joints and cartilages.


Thanks for the optimal vertical deformation increase the safety of arrival ont he ground after jumping.


Based of the dual effect, this type of spoort floor is considering by professionals to the best option.

Combiflex EN

In all cases, we recommend to use GraboRex T or GraboRex which create a vapor barrier between our sports flooring system and the concrete surface. GraboRex T and GraboRex protect your sport flooring system from the humidity and assuring good moisture control.



Available in colors of EXTREME.





  • Competition sport halls
  • Multisport halls
  • All kind of School sport halls
  • Fitness, Aerobic and dance studios



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