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STOP F 3.0

Grabo Railway transport floorcoverings have been developed primarily for the railway industry but  it can be used in the interior of buses and trams also. Classic products have excellent safety and technical properties

  • very good flame resistance,
  • low smoke emissions and toxicity,
  • slip-resistance,
  • high abrasion resistance and durability,
  • watertight joints by hot welding process,
  • easy installation and cleaning.

Grabo STOP F 3.0 is 3,0 mm thick and 1,4, 2 m wide transport flooring with glass fiber gride on the back side. The surface of the product is scattered with SiC particles. This floor is available in aesthetic grey colours.

Stop F 3.0 HUNaltaltalt

Recommended applications:

  • Railway
  • Tram
  • Bus

Technical datas


Total thickness mm 3,0
Total weight kg/m2 4,1
Length of roll m 21
Width of roll m 1,4, 2,0



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1356-930-05-279 Weld:1239


Technical datas (download)

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