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Our MEGA with its 10,3 mm total thickness is the most complex vinyl sports flooring in our sport range.

During development of this product our aim was to create a sports flooring which has outstanding shock absorption and excellent sport properties.

Shock absorption value indicates the force of impact between the player and the floor surface, and the energy returned or lost to the player, i.e. how it protects the sportsman’s joints and cartilages.

Due to its combined 3 layer closed cell foam, and its 45% shock absorption, Mega effectively protects the health of athletes.

We strongly recommend this product for children and youth sports, and for sport where genuine joint and cartilage protection is needed.


Mega is meets the requirements of EN 14904 sports flooring standard, its classification is point elastic 3 (P3)

FIBA certificate (PDF)

Mega 2020 2 ENG


X-pur GraboSan No1Wax SolventFree 200cm width



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Recommended application areas:

  • Competitive sports
  • Multi-sports halls, university gyms
  • School gyms
  • Aerobic halls
  • Yoga studios
  • Grounds for team ball sports

Technical datas

Total thickness mm 10,3
Total weight kg/m2 5,3
Length of roll m 15
Width of roll m 2

Click on the samples to find the recommended welding rod's color.


1360_00_275 GraboWeld:1360

3338_00_275 GraboWeld:3338

6170_00_275 GraboWeld:6170

7483_00_275 GraboWeld:7483

1596_00_275 GraboWeld:1596

6115_00_275 GraboWeld:6115

7539_00_275 GraboWeld:7539

7143_00_275 GraboWeld:7143

2089_00_275 GraboWeld:2243

6470_00_275 GraboWeld:6470

2000_378_275 GraboWeld:2000

2519_371_275 GraboWeld:2066

2209_371_275 GraboWeld:2219

1171_371_275 GraboWeld:1246


Technical datas (download)

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