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SpringAir Elite

Grabo SpringAir Elite is a parquet system designated for use in multi-purpose sports halls. It is especially suitable for competitions in team ball sports (such as basketball, handball, volleyball, futsal, etc.).


The upper part of the system is a three-ply sports parquet structured so as to ensure excellent dimensional stability. The specially composed high-abrasion sport varnish applied in 9 layers provides an optimal balance of slip and grip properties essential for team sports. Due to the superior shock-absorbing underlay, the system efficiently protects athletes' joints and provides an ultimate background for outstanding athletic performance.


FIBA certificate (PDF)

IHF certificate (PDF)


Spring Air Elite ENG

Recommended application areas:

  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Futsal
  • Competitions
  • Trainings

Technical datas


Total thickness mm 43,0
Total weight kg/m2 14



Click on the samples to find the recommended welding rod's color.


Oak unique

Ash rustic

Ash natur


Technical datas (download)

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