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Sports and other regular physical exercise offer numerous benefits to the human body. However, an important circumstance that can substantially influence the benefits of a workout is the environment (including the surface of the gym hall or the playground) where this activity takes place.


Along with sports footwear the quality of the floor covering is another critical factor for the protection of athlete's back, knees and ankles. All graboSport floors are engineered so as to ensure the best achievable conditions for ultimate athletic performance while offering maximum health safety to the athletes.


All our products are designated for indoor use. Grabo vinyl sports floors and sports parquet systems provide durable, safe and aesthetically appealing basis for both competitive sports and amateur sporting activities.


Our worldwide references embrace more than 70 countries around the globe. Our products are being tested on a daily basis by hundreds of thousands of people who compete, work out or play sports games in the halls and on the grounds equipped with graboSport floors.

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Our products are certified by internationally acknowledged independent expert organizations.

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